Kiss me from the kisses of His mouth

For your love is above all wine

Song of Songs 1:21


My Beloved descended to his garden

To graze among the lilies

To gather roses

Song of Songs 6:2


I am a lily of Sharone

A rose of the valley

Song of Songs 2:1


I am unto my Beloved

My Beloved is unto me

The one guarding the roses

Song of Songs 6:3

Til the sun vanishes and the shadows flee 

I will go to the mountain of myrrh

To the hill of frankincense

Song of Songs 4:6

These lines are among my favorite passages of the Biblical text, The Song of Songs.

This Book is a collection of sensual, at times erotic, poems written for the Beloved. It is

among the sacred texts of the Hebrew Bible

and its authorship is attributed to King



As a young man, King Solomon had an

initiation from the higher realms whereby he gained mastery at harmonizing and working

with the energies of the Heart. Scripture

speaks of him as one who had a “knowing

heart” and recounts the tale of his legendary wisdom after this initiation took place.

The views, opinions and interpretations of this text are numerous and varied. The Kabbalah teaches us that there are ten great Songs ever

sung, but that The Song of Songs is above all

ten Songs.

My experience with this text is mostly energy based. As I began to make use of various lines and passages in my meditative practice and work with others, I came to know not only the depth of its beauty but also the inherent power

imbedded in its lines.

Much esoteric understanding is hidden within King Solomon’s timeless love poems. I found some allegories to be a mapping of the terrain of consciousness, while others offer instruction for meditative practice. The alchemical keys embedded in the rich poetry unify the human heart with the heart of the Divine, paving the way for communion with the Beloved.


The Song of Songs recounts the tale of the primordial couple as they journey into the garden of delight to partake of its Divine nectar. This garden is none other than the heart; their journey none other than a roadmap for harmonizing the energies of the heart; the Divine nectar, none other than the innate ability of every heart.

A Song above all Songs; a calling of passion for the Divine and a potion for devotion – The Song of Songs summons that which is inherent to every heart.

May the Divine nectar of The Song of Songs sustain and fill your cup.
May the source of all that is dwell within your heart.

© 2018 by GILA CADRY