Gila facilitates workshops, sound healing concerts and private healing sessions.

These are some topics she offers in her workshops.

​DNA Enchantment

Kryon, a benevolent angelic life force, maintains that our DNA is a confluence of multidimensional energies. This confluence is comprised of 12 layers, every layer working in unison with the others. To each of these layers Kryon has ascribed a Hebrew Name.

In my experience, making use of these Hebrew Names, strengthens the DNA and has a harmonizing, balancing and rejuvenating effect. The sound and the geometry of the Hebrew fire letters act as sparks that ignite and begin a dance within the DNA to enliven, to illumine and to bring forth dormant potentialities and encodements. Saying and chanting the Hebrew Names of the DNA layers with the sound of one’s own voice and intention, takes their potency to a higher level.

Experience Kryon’s teachings through sound. Learn to say and chant these Divine Names and make use of them in your own practice.

Based on Kryon Book 12 – The Twelve Layers of DNA by Lee Carroll.

The Song of Songs
The ancient text known as The Song of Songs, recounts the tale of the primordial couple and their journey into the garden of delight to partake of its divine nectar. Their journey is a roadmap for harmonizing the energies of the heart to open the gateway for communion with the Beloved at all levels of consciousness – the beloved above, below and within.
The garden of delight is none other than our heart space, the divine nectar is none other than the heart’s capacity to feel and emanate harmonic coherent wave patterns. Ancient Egyptian priestesses in their temple practices, King Solomon and his tantric partners and Yeshua and Mary Magdalene made use of this body of knowledge to ascend to great heights and to access this feeling state of coherency in their heart.
Follow in their footsteps as we explore and glean gems from this ancient, highly encoded
body of knowledge through chant, dance, experiential processes and above all fun. 
The 72 Divine Names
The 72 Divine Names is an ancient Kabbalistic teaching embodying great potency.
It consists of a string of 216 Hebrew fire letters presented in a matrix of 72 triple letters. This powerful matrix has its roots in a Biblical story depicting a miracle: the parting of the sea by Moses and moving from slavery to freedom. Whether we consider Biblical writtings as undisputed truth or as a myth, on an energetic level, a passage depicting overcoming seemingly unsurmountable obstacles and moving from slavery to freedom holds potent energies. These energies offer a tremendous opportunity for energy practice.
Having worked with this matrix for many years, it has been my experience that it holds great mysteries and energies that cannot be described, fathomed or enumerated. I find its mystery to be multi faceted and multidimensional. Ancient Kabbalists and mystics did extensive meditative practices with this matrix which included chant, head movements and breathing techniques.
The focus of this workshop is experiential. On a personal note, when I am looking for energetic potency for myself or others, I reach for this body of knowledge. I have come to refer to it as the atomic accelerator of Kabbalistic practice.
Kabbalistic Tree of Life - The Lightining Flash Meditation
As the Divine impulse emanates from the Source field, it is fractalized into various energy streams.
The Kabbalah likens this fractalization to that of a tree with its many branches. It delineates ten “branches” or spheres. Each sphere or Sefira as it is known in Hebrew, has its own frequency range and is associated with various attributes, dimensions, heavenly bodies, celestial beings, colors, Divine Names and our bodies.
The kabbalists made extensive use of this mapping of creation with a variety of meditative practices. The Lightning Flash meditation is one such practice that I have worked with for many years. This practice is simple yet very potent. Join us as we journey through the realms of creation with the mystical Tree Of Life and sacred sound.
King David’s Psalm 23, and other psalms
Renowned sound healer Tom Kenyon maintains that this Psalm is the greatest mantra of protection and that it holds within it alchemical codes for the ascension process.
My own experiences with this Psalm are profound. Working with this Psalm is part of my daily practice. In this workshop, we explore and experience through chant in Hebrew and English the hidden treasures of this ancient technology for soul evolution.
The Lord's Prayer
Enter the vibration and spiritual gifts imparted by the master of love as this prayer is explored and chanted in Hebrew Arameic.
The Name of 42 – Ana B’ Koach prayer
This Name is a sequence of 42 Hebrew fire letters known by the ancients and invoked by initiates as a means of entering into prophetic trance. 
Much has been written in Kabbalistic literature as well as modern spiritual teachings about the power and extraordinary effects of making use of this matrix. A sage in the 11th century, made use of this sequence of 42 letters and composed a most beautiful and potent prayer. This prayer is known as Ana B’ Koach. Each of the words of this prayer begins with a letter of this sequence.
Explore and make use of the sequence of the 42 letters as well as the prayer Ana B’ Koach and experience the power inherent within this matrix.

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