Receive a transmission of energies from the realm of        

Master Angels for healing, balance and spiritual evolution.


These transmissions are amplified with light language and ground Angelic frequencies into the physical and subtle bodies.


They transmute discordant energies with great potency, offering health, balance and well being at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Heal your disease.

Resolve past traumas.

Cleanse your body.

Awaken your true Self.


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Chest and Sinus Infection

I had been nursing a sickness for almost two months, feeling better, then worse, then better again, without fully recovering. Then, just days before my birthday, the chest and sinus infection fully took hold and I was as sick as I hadn't been in years. Fever, pain, congestion of all airways, terribly painful coughing, non-stop sneezing. Just horrible. On my birthday, I called Gila. At her request the Master Angels instantly killed the infection - and I felt it! She cleared my airways so I could breath again; she cleared the toxins from my body and I could feel the weight moving out of my tissues. My family and co-workers just didn't understand how I could recover from such an infection without ever touching antibiotics! Thank you Master Angels for this miracle! Thank you Gila for facilitating it!

— David J., California

Personal Trauma

Thank you so much for facilitating an amazing session with the Master Angels. As we worked on removing trauma I had sustained in childhood, I moved to a feeling of peace. This was noticeable even by those around me. A great weight was lifted from my being. So grateful…

Netanya C., Florida


I called Gila seeking relief from an upper respiratory infection. In the past such infections culminated with bronchitis. As she worked, my pounding headache was relieved, my nose stopped running and I was able to have a rejuvenating sleep. I woke up energized, almost completely back to normal. Gila puts the most loving heart energy into her healing and is a blessing to her clients.

— Jean K., Indiana

Car Accident

I called Gila right after a car accident as the pain was starting to seize my neck, back and head. As she requested the healing processes to the Master Angels, I could physically feel clouds of pain and trauma lift from my tissues. After the session, I fell in a deep restorative sleep and woke up almost pain free. A miraculous healing after a horrific wreck.

— Elisabeth B., California

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