Gila's remarkable voice evokes once and future times. Her gift is astonishing - a transcendent sound that calls the listener into spiritual awakening.

— Jean Houston Ph.D, author,

scholar & philosopher

Gila manifests sound as powerful, ancient and ever present! Let her guide you to the threshold of inner exploration.

— Don Campbell, The Mozart Effect andThe Roar of Silence

A joyous sonic celebration of some of the most poignant poetry in antiquity.

— Jonathan Goldman,

sound healing pioneer

Gila's evocative chanting takes one back to an ancient time of spiritual oneness.

— Dudley Evenson, Soundings of the Planet

I am moved by your muse. I have been soaking in the healing sound of Chant of the Hebrews at a time when I have not been able to connect.

— Leslie Goldman

A Healing Journey Through Sound

Gila takes naturally to sound healing as she comes from a family of renowned Middle Eastern cantors.

Her gifts with sound laid dormant into adulthood as throat surgery in childhood damaged and scarred her voice.  As an adult, seeking to recover from a severe blood condition, she turned to vibrational medicine.

Her journey to health and balance reversed her blood condition and brought her the added boon of reclaiming her voice.

Gila has facility with Middle Eastern languages and kabbalistic teachings.  A long time student of renowned sound healer Tom Kenyon, she skillfully combines ancient esoteric knowledge with sound healing techniques and principles.

During my recovery from a complicated orthopedic surgical procedure, when I could no longer bear the pain, I would reach for Gila's CD as an antidote to my discomfort. Listening to her, I would relax and often drift off to much needed sleep.

— Lucia DeFunis

Gila's music has a mystical, transformative quality. It speaks to an ancient knowing that I've forgotten but long deeply to rediscover. As a freelance writer, at times I listen to Chant of the Hebrews while working to get out of my head and into my heart.

— Keith Mack

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